Business Coaching

This type of coaching mainly targets entrepreneurs in an organisation, a department or their own company. The goal is to increase the coachee’s efficiency and performance in order to improve the results of the unit or company for which he or she is responsible.


The coach guides the entrepreneur, manager or team leader throughout their development with a view to enhancing their competencies. The coaching is usually carried out on a one-on-one basis, but teams can also be coached.

  • - How can I improve my impact on others?
  • - Why don’t people understand me?
  • - Who am I?
  • - How can I improve team work within this group?
  • - How do I achieve a healthy balance between doing things myself and delegating to others?
  • - Where do I stand, and where am I heading, in my company?
  • - What requires my special attention? 


These are just some of the many issues a Business Coach will address. The results are cost-effective and can have a major impact on the business in a short period of time.

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