“Thank you!” - It is that simple

Have you already said “thank you” today? 

No? Why not?

Saying “thank you” doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t take much time. To top it off, the person to whom you’re address these simple words will feel good, very good even, if you say it with conviction. So just say it to someone! 

We don’t pronounce these simple words enough to people who deserve it. Even though those words can indeed make a huge difference. Gratitude for simple things is too often forgotten: a friendship without request, a job well done, a meal well cooked, a car driver stopping for you… I could go all day long!

Words supported by your attitude, your eyes and your body: a real thank you.

Do it more often and you will notice: it will make your day!

Thank you for your interest and time.


Kind regards,


Frank Vande Voorde

Business Coach

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